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archiCREW is the brand of the architects working in michelezagoarchitetti

archiCREW are the traveling companions of each project, building, client, it is a way of being because the architect is not only a designer, he is an intellectual, a technician, a driver a problem solver a crew member.

archiCREW is the leader of a working team whose sole purpose is the realization of architectural projects.

Michele Zago Architetto Lugano

Michele Zago, born in 1978, Master with honors in architecture at the IUAV in Venice; Specialized in Building Site Management at University of Applied Science and Arts of Southern Switzerland.

Under the guidance of Prof. Carlo Magnani, he assisted in university teaching where he had the opportunity to learn from masters as Gregotti, Aymonino, Ferlenga, and Purini.

Based in Switzerland since 2004, he has strengthened his research on living space by tackling the theme of hospitality villas and community residences. During these years he has worked with Luca Gazzaniga and Joao Nunes on developing interesting projects, and this was when he refined his architectural style by merging the principles of the Venetian school with the archetypes of the Swiss school.

He is the founder of the architectural firm michelezagoarchitetti, which focuses on planning and interior design and specializes in developing architecture for hotels, resorts, villas and residences in Europe and the Middle East.

The prolific design work is widely described in leading architectural journals as well as in a number of single-topic publications on specific projects.

Michele Zago is invited to lectures and conferences at the IUAV University of Venice as well as to events, forums and discussion panels organized by private institutions and international journals.

Michele Zago - registered REG A - OTIA

arch. Monica Zanoni

Monica Zanoni Born in 1992, attended the Mendrisio USI Academy of Architecture founded by Architect Mario Botta, here she had the opportunity to attend courses by internationally renowned masters.

In 2013 she moved to Dublin, a destination that proved to be fundamental for his growth and where she worked in the architectural firm Clancy Moore Architects.

In 2017 she completed a two-year master's degree, graduating with Professor and Architect Martin Boesch. Upon completion of her studies, she embarked on a career path collaborating with architects in Italy and Switzerland.

Since 2018 she has joined the team of michelezagoarchitetti, where she is senior architect dealing with design, construction management, business plan and interior design.

arch. Elisa Beretta

Elisa Beretta born in 1980 in Milan and graduated in 2006 from the Polytechnic of Turin in Architecture with a thesis on the reconstruction of the historic center of Berlin.

In 2006 she collaborated with several architectural firms in Milan specializing in sustainable architecture, participating in conferences and writing several specialized articles. From 2007 to 2011 she moved to Germany. In Munich she collaborates with Krug Grossmann Architekten studio, specializing in the design and execution of public projects.

In 2008 she collaborated on the Italian edition of the book "Strategies for Sustainable Architecture. The fundamentals of a new approach to design" (author Paola Sassi).

In 2011 she began collaborating with architectural firms both in Switzerland and Italy, following large-scale projects from the preliminary design phases to on-site execution.

From 2017 to 2018 she follows the courses of the university master's degree "Sustainable Buildings and Structures" at Politecnico di Milano. In 2018, she takes courses in the master's program "CAS- Construction Manager in Building and Civil Engineering" at SUPSI in Lugano.

Since 2019 she is senior architect in michelezagoarchitetti firm.

arch. Valeria Mastranzo

Valeria Mastranzo Born in 1996, Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the Department of Environment Construction and Design at University of Applied Science and Arts of Southern Switzerland in 2019.

During her years of study, she learned how construction technology is from the very beginning related to the process of designing a project. Studying details, understanding problems related to construction and finding suitable solutions increased his interest in this discipline.

She participated in several workshops and in 2019 the "Workshop Africa" was experience that allowed her to travel to Ethiopia and touch materials and analyze construction techniques completely different from the Western world.

In 2020, she moved to Houston, and since 2021 she joins the michelezagoarchitetti team; within the firm, she is involved in every aspect of the project, from concept to planning to construction on site.

Architects and Partners since 2018

Michele Zago - IUAV - SUPSI

Elisa Beretta  - PoliTO

Monica Zanoni - USI - AAM

Valeria Mastranzo - SUPSI

Sofia Fiorelli - SUPSI

Siria Gentile - USI - AAM

Marco Pesta - USI - AAM

Beatriz Arcari USI - AAM

Ermanno Zerrillo ETH

Valerio Maccabruno - USI - AAM

Ada Fortunati - USI - AAM

Carmela Maccarone - SUPSI

Giuseppe Fontana - AAM - SUPSI

Zeynep Beg├╝m - USI - AAM

Davide Grendele SUPSI

Francesca Pola - USI - AAM

Umberto Romani -  IUAV - PhD

Libera Anna Olivo - USI - AAM

Roman Ferrari ETH

Giovanni Pellegrino

Graziano Ferrari